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Always ON Coverage

Nationwide High-Speed Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet Coverage More Places Than Ever

The coverage offered by Always ON encompasses four existing cellular networks across the United States. The combined coverage of all four major U.S. carriers will be at your disposal, ensuring constant connectivity without throttling or outages with speeds up to 130 Mbps for downloads and 60 Mbps for uploads.

Stay covered in the city, in the country, in towns and rural areas with multi-carrier 4G LTE coverage. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying put or on-the-go – you’ll stay connected and online with Always ON.

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Travel With Fast and Reliable Internet

Not only does Always ON coverage keep you online at all times no matter where you are, but even if you’re on the move you don’t have to worry about lost connections or interruptions when switching from one carrier to another.

That’s because the advanced vSIM technology built-in into the devices available from Always ON ensure that you’ll have compatibility with all four 4G LTE networks and your router will even switch on-the-fly between them if you’re on the move! So roam and travel worry-free, because vSIM tech and multi-carrier support from Always ON will keep you connected 24/7!

The #1 Choice for Failover Internet

Always ON is not just an ideal choice for staying online while traveling, but also when you’re not. That’s because the devices and plans from Always ON also cater to robust wireless networks for the home or office. Set up a high-speed WiFi network that works anywhere and won’t be subject to the outages of other providers.

Multi-carrier 4G LTE coverage will keep your home or business online 24/7, whether you’re in the city, the suburbs or even located rurally. Your connection will also be more responsive than other internet services like satellite making it ideal for things like online gaming, with none of the same outages you’ll get from cable or DSL internet.

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