Get Reliable & Portable Internet With Speeds Up To 130 Mbps!

What is Always ON Wireless Internet?

Reliable Internet Everywhere at Any Time

Always ON ensures that you’re online and connected no matter where or how you’re living. Whether you’re setting up an in-home or business network, traveling across the country, looking to set up WiFi on a boat or RV or doing extensive online gaming, Always ON will work for you.

Forget about overage charges, speed throttling or being limited to a single carrier’s network. Always ON leverages the speed and coverage of multiple 4G LTE carriers for you to connect all the devices you need on a fast, reliable WiFi network with speeds up to 130 Mbps for downloads and 60 Mbps for uploads.

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How We Deliver Always ON Wireless

With Always ON, you’ll be all set for an always-connected experience no matter where you are. With options for multiple routers that connect across up to 4 carriers at any given time, Always ON will automatically switch between networks to ensure that you’re always connected with the strongest possible signal.

With different plans and routers suited to either home/business networks, mobile boat/RV WiFi or even hotspots while traveling by car, there’s an Always ON plan for you that will keep you connected with better speed and reliability than satellite.

A Nationwide Network You Can Rely On

Always ON utilizes the combined coverage of all four major mobile carriers to make sure that you’re always connected with a super-fast 4G LTE connection for true coast-to-coast nationwide network coverage.

The routers offered by Always ON’s specialized data plans are equipped with remarkable vSIM technology – meaning that without a need for a physical SIM card you’ll be able to switch on-the-fly between whichever network has the strongest signal. So outages, speed throttling and overage charges are a thing of the past with Always ON WiFi!

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