Get Reliable & Portable Internet With Speeds Up To 130 Mbps!

Omega LTE CPE-0001 Home Wireless Router


  • High-speed wireless internet
  • Nationwide availability, perfect for rural homes
  • Multi-carrier network support
  • Speeds up to 130 Mbps
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Physical & Virtual SIM compatible
  • Connect up to 32 devices
  • Automatically switch to the best carrier
  • Connect via optional ethernet ports
  • Ships ready-to-use

Always ON Omega LTE CPE-0001 4G Home Wireless Router

The Omega 4G LTE router from Always ON is your ideal all-in-one solution for fast, reliable and easy-to-use wireless internet! This WiFi device is equipped with multiple external LTE antennas, ethernet ports, physical SIM capability and also vSIM technology – meaning that you can bypass the need for a physical SIM to connect to the internet wirelessly across multiple carriers.

The Omega 4G router will automatically connect to the best 4G LTE signal available – so no matter if you’re at home, in the office, in the city or in a small town or rural area – you’ll be online with a strong, reliable wireless internet connection that can support dozens of smart devices and provide the perfect WiFi solution no matter where you are!

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Get Set Up with High-Speed Internet in Minutes

It’s never been simpler or more convenient to get started with your new wireless internet solution! Forget about scheduling your day around waiting for a tech to show up at your home or office to start a lengthy installation process. Getting started with your new Omega 4G router from Always ON is as easy as this:

  1. Choose a monthly plan based on how much data you’ll likely to need each month (our agents will happily assist you if you’re unsure).
  2. Call 1-844-203-4897 to set up billing, order the Omega 4G router and select your monthly data plan.
  3. Wait for the Omega 4G router to be delivered straight to your home, ready to install.
  4. Then just turn the device on, wirelessly connect your devices and your new WiFi network will be ready to go!
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Coverage Everywhere Across Multiple Networks

Always ON gives you extensive coverage beyond what internet providers will normally give you. You’ll no longer be limited to the network coverage of a single carrier to keep you online, but instead be able to depend on the strength of four U.S. cellular networks to ensure you’re connected everywhere.

Thanks to the vSIM technology of the Omega 4G router from Always ON, your connection can switch between multiple carriers, depending on what signal is strongest based on your location. The router switches automatically, so whether you’re in the city, in a rural area or even traveling, Always ON will keep you connected everywhere!

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Get a Wireless Plan That Works for You

Don’t ever get stuck in an internet plan you don’t want or frustrated at the options available to you. With Always ON – flexibility is the priority, and you’ll have that through a wide variety of data plan options and the ability to switch each month.

Choose from our wide variety of monthly data plans available, and if you find that another plan might work better for you next month, you can switch worry-free! With Always ON get only what you want out of a wireless internet provider, giving you what you need out of your WiFi service!

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Omega 4G Wireless Router Plans

If you’re ready for the convenience and coverage of a plan from Always ON and the Omega 4G router, then select a data plan that’ll work for your home or work! Choose a monthly data amount that’d best work and you’ll be ready to set up your new WiFi network no matter your location with vSIM technology keeping you online across 4 networks at speeds of 130 Mbps for downloads and 60 Mbps for uploads.

25 GB 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB
$60.00/mo $85.00/mo $100.00/mo $110.00/mo
300 GB 450 GB 800 GB 1000 GB
$120.00/mo $140.00/mo $170.00/mo $220.00/mo
25 GB 50 GB
$60.00/mo $85.00/mo
100 GB 200 GB
$100.00/mo $110.00/mo
300 GB 450 GB
$120.00/mo $140.00/mo
800 GB 1000 GB
$170.00/mo $220.00/mo

Get fast, uninterrupted internet access anywhere, anytime!

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