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Always ON FAQs

Always ON Wireless Internet FAQs

Have a question related to Always ON wireless vSIM internet? Check out our most commonly asked questions below!

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The Always ON Omega CPE-0001 router allows you to create a WiFi network that can support up to 32 devices.

With the Always ON Solis Lite Hotspot and Power Bank, you can connect up to 10 devices to that router’s the mobile WiFi network.

Always ON plans can deliver speeds up to 130 Mbps for downloading and 60 Mbps for uploads, however speeds will vary depending upon the user’s location and available carrier signals, as well as number of users on the device’s WiFi network and what sort of online activity each user is doing (browsing, streaming, etc).

If you’re looking for a substantial amount of monthly data for a home wireless network, then it will depend on how many people will be using the network daily, as well as what the data is being used for (browsing, streaming, etc.) and how many devices are currently connected.

If you’re living by yourself, a 200 GB per month plan should suffice for your needs. If, however there are several people or a family living under one roof using the internet each day for more intensive activities like video streaming or online gaming, then a plan of at least 500 GB/month is recommended.

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While most people use video streaming each day, the amount of actual data used varies widely based on frequency, streaming service used and the quality you’re watching it on.

Lower quality YouTube videos can use between 200 MB and 300 MB of data per hour, but if you’re streaming high-quality movies on Netflix in 4K for example, you’re likely to use closer to 6 GB-8 GB of data each hour.

In our post-COVID world video conferencing with services like Zoom, Skype, Google and Facebook are more essential than before, and the amount of data used can be manageable in smaller doses.

The specific data usage depends on factors like the service you utilize and the amount of people participating in calls, but you can generally expect to use between 50 MB and 2 GB per hour.

Browsing through web sites can be one of the less data-intensive internet tasks, but more data will be used if you’re spending time on image or video-heavy websites. More basic browsing will use around 50 MB -70 MB per hour, but browsing media-heavy sites can stretch that hourly amount to around 2 GB.

Facebook use also varies depending on how many videos, images and audio you’re loading during use, but hourly Facebook browsing will leave you using anywhere between 100 MB and 1 GB of data.

Always ON internet is a safe and secure option for wireless internet for your business, and its network reach even makes it ideal for rural or remote locations.

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