Get Reliable & Portable Internet With Speeds Up To 130 Mbps!

Wireless Boating Internet


  • 4G LTE Speeds
  • Wide Network Coverage
  • Ultra Low Latency
  • Plug & Play Installation

Sea Breeze-V Marine LTE WiFi

If you’re looking to enjoy streaming video, listen to music and keep up with social media or web browsing, the Sea Breeze-V is everything you need for fast and reliable wireless maritime internet on your boat. With simple plug & play installation, this compact and waterproof vSIM-equipped high-speed internet router automatically connects to the strongest 4G LTE signal, using its 20+ mile range and marine-grade WiFi to create a WiFi network on your boat that can support multiple devices.

  • 2x 4G LTE 5 dBi Fiberglass Antenna
  • 1x Sea Breeze-V Marine-Grade LTE-WIFI Waterproof IP55
  • 1x Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • 1x 12~24Vcd PoE Injector
  • 2x 16″ UV Stabilized Mounting Straps

Sea Breeze-V

Cigarette Lighter Adapter

12~24Vcd PoE Injector

Always ON Marine Internet Plans

Choose a plan from Always ON to get started with your boat’s new high-speed wireless marine internet network! Select a monthly data amount and you’ll be set to get started with your Sea Breeze-V, with easy plug & play installation aboard your vessel and advanced vSIM technology enabling you to stay connected to fast maritime WiFi whether onshore or offshore with nationwide coverage and speeds up to 130 Mbps for downloads and 60 Mbps for uploads.

25 GB 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB
$60.00/mo $85.00/mo $100.00/mo $110.00/mo
300 GB 450 GB 800 GB 1000 GB
$120.00/mo $140.00/mo $170.00/mo $220.00/mo
25 GB 50 GB
$60.00/mo $85.00/mo
100 GB 200 GB
$100.00/mo $110.00/mo
300 GB 450 GB
$120.00/mo $140.00/mo
800 GB 1000 GB
$170.00/mo $220.00/mo

Sea Breeze-V – High-Speed Marine Internet for Your Boat

Always ON lets you take your network to the open waters with the Sea Breeze-V router – your solution for high-speed worry-free maritime internet on your boat. This small, durable, waterproof device installs in minutes and will keep you connected to the internet through its advanced vSIM and CAT7/Cat 13 cellular LTE technology.

Having a reliable marine internet signal out on your boat can be tough. Whether it’s in the marina or out on the water, poor signal strength and limited bandwidth can mean that you’re offline without being able to stream, work, or even update navigation software and keep up with weather data. But the Sea Breeze-V router and a wireless internet plan from Always ON will keep you online at all times with marine-grade WiFi and 20+ mile coverage in offshore waters!

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vSIM Technology for Coverage Everywhere

Every Always ON router comes equipped with special vSIM technology – allowing your router to stay connected to the internet at all times by switching automatically between multiple 4G LTE carriers to guarantee your accessing the strongest possible signal for the most solid maritime internet connection no matter where you are.

Whether on the water or docked in the marina, boat owners often have major trouble staying online, usually resorting to signal boosters or other means to hold on to a weak WiFi signal. But the Sea Breeze-V router is made for use on boats, with its marine-grade WiFi and 20+ mile range making it an ideal choice for setting up a convenient and high-speed wireless marine internet solution for your vessel.

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Stream, Browse, Work, Play & More

Looking to enjoy the sun and a cool breeze out on the open water while streaming your favorite music, keeping up with social media or getting some remote work done? A wireless internet plan from Always ON along with the Sea Breeze-V router will let you listen, watch, stream, work, play, browse, download and even more while boating.

Always ON lets you spend your day on the water without sacrificing online connectivity. Boats that are docked at a marina or out in open water usually have trouble staying connected to a network because of weak WiFi signals and low bandwidth, but the reliable vSIM connectivity and marine-grade WiFi of the Sea Breeze-V allows you to set up an onshore or offshore wireless maritime network and connect multiple devices for excellent high-speed marine internet for everyone aboard.

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